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Nuggets of Gold

The last nugget of gold…at least for now.

20131202-145616.jpgLC-A+, Kodak 200


Nuggets of Gold

In a recent batch of processing that came back from the lab I got a few more nuggets of gold that were stored up in an old roll of film from Joburg.

20131117-205743.jpg LC-A+

Bathroom Art in Mwanza

We found a great little restaurant in Mwanza, called Kuleana Pizzeria, that is super popular with locals and travellers alike. The seating area is a partially covered courtyard just off the street, and the inner walls are painted with bright murals, giving it an atmosphere not dissimilar to a vibrant train station. They serve fresh juices and fruit salads, home made pizzas and freshly baked breads, among other things. What I liked most about it, though, were the awesome signs painted on the bathroom doors.