I am a curious economist living in Cape Town, South Africa. This blog is a miscellany of thoughts and images gathered from the treasure hunt that is life.

Most of the images on this blog are shot with a Canon 600D, which I’m still learning to master. But I also love shooting film, and my collection of analogue cameras is growing steadily. I most commonly shoot with these:
Sprocket Rocket



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Evez

    Hey I found you on 20sb. South Africa must be great for somebody who loves to travel. I’m going to be in South Africa and Namibia next week 🙂 (and I’m totally excited!!!)

    1. thesewalkingboots Post author

      Hey Evez, that sounds amazing! What are you planning to see in South Africa? I haven’t been to Namibia yet, but it’s definitely a country I’d love to explore. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Lynette Corbett

    Thank you for sharing your Bathurst experience…..I run the shop (Relix and Thingz) where you photographed the bottles, old suitcases and more….the pictures are beautiful


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