Hope in motion – #ride4inclusion

On the 6th of March 2016, Mike and I will embark on the challenge of completing the 109km Cape Town Cycle Tour. We will be clad in the colours of the Chaeli Campaign, an organisation  dedicated to “mobilising the minds and bodies of children with disabilities.”


The Chaeli Campaign was founded in 2004 by five young friends who wanted to raise funds for a motorised wheelchair for co-founder Michaela Mycroft. The organization continues to strive to promote and provide for the mobility and educational needs of disabled children in South Africa.

Among her many achievements, in 2011, Chaeli was awarded the International Children’s Peace Prize and continues to inspire people around the world. This year, she was featured in Season III of 21 Icons.

In choosing to cycle for the Chaeli Campaign this year, part of our challenge is to raise funds for the Chaeli Campaign, and we need your help! We’re appealing to our communities to sponsor our ride by making donations to the Chaeli Campaign. If you would like to be part of our #ride4inclusion campaign, please scroll down to find out how you can make a donation, or simply show your support by using the following Twitter handles and hashtags:tweet

#ride4inclusion        @ChaeliCampaign        @mikehathorn
@walking_boots      @CTCycleTour                #CycleTour2016

Sponsor our #ride4inclusion

There are three payment methods. Please send us an email with the amount and your physical address if you would like to receive a tax certificate for your donation.

  1. Direct EFT (old school)

Account Name:                  The Chaeli Campaign
Bank:                                     Standard Bank
Branch:                                 Blue Route
Branch Code:                      025 609
Account Number:             076 674 150
Reference:                           1618 and your name (i.e. 1618 J. Smith)

     2.  Snapscan (new school)

If you have the Snapscan app you can scan this QR code and use the reference below.


Reference:                          1618 and your name (i.e. 1618 J. Smith)

  1. Givengain (international school)

International donations may be made via Givengain: http://www.givengain.com/cause/2384/projects/8601/

Reference:                          1618 and your name (i.e. 1618 J. Smith)


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