Bathurst: A Dusty Treasure Trove

We sett off as the sun was peeping over the hill.

Snacks in our saddle packs, the wind at our backs,
We cycled through the winding passes,

Grass whipping past, hearts beating fast,
Whistling through the crisp morning air.

An uphill here, a downhill there,
We rolled up to a dusty intersection.

Slow breakfast,

And a treasure trove of someone else’s dusty memories.





Bathurst is a small farming village in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. A concentration of creativity, it epitomizes the word quaint. My favourite spots are the Wiles Gallery, home to the work of the lovely Lucy Wiles, and her creative ancestors and offspring; The Corner Gallery, playground of the endearing Tori Stowe and her eclectic craft team; resident potter, Richard Pullen’s Open Studio; and The Workshop, a warehouse-style collective space for established and aspiring local artists. It’s also home to a few adorable antique stores, the quirky and bizarre Big Pineapple, and the famous Pig ‘n’ Whistle, South Africa’s oldest pub.

The thing I like most about Bathurst is that it reminds me that you don’t have to be an acclaimed artist selling work to top national galleries in order to make things. It challenges me to be less afraid of my own desire to create.




Fujifilm 100, LC-A+


4 thoughts on “Bathurst: A Dusty Treasure Trove

  1. Sonya

    I adore places like this. It’s interesting how small groups of artists seem to congregate and open shops in tiny towns.

  2. Katie Yang

    The tones and colors in these are incredible! I know absolutely nothing about your beautiful country but am glad to have these pictures for a little peek. 🙂


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