At last, I am free to start sharing some of the stories from my recent trip to Tanzania. I begin with a moment symbolic of the beginning if my adventures, and one that remains a highlight of my travels in Tanzania. Let me set the scene.

A few hours after arriving in Stone Town via ferry from Dar Es Salaam, my friends and I found ourselves at the Forodhani Gardens waterfront, sipping on cold drinks and enjoying the view. A little way away, young local men were jumping off the harbour wall into the water below, and climbing back up using an outlet pipe that protruded from the wall. Needless to say that when three of us mzungus decided to take the plunge too, we caused quite a commotion. And then the real show began; young men were leaping from the edge of the waterfront and into the swirling water below in quick succession like acrobats performing incredible feats of human skill. A crowd quickly gathered, and as the sun went down over the blue sea, the waterfront came alive with intrigue and delight.

*mzungu: Swahili term used to refer to white people. 20130807-135507.jpg 20130807-135524.jpg 20130807-145902.jpg

20130807-135707.jpg 20130807-135741.jpg 20130807-135908.jpg

20130807-145452.jpg 20130807-143636.jpg20130807-143653.jpg 20130807-143706.jpg 20130807-144906.jpg 20130807-144924.jpg 20130807-145848.jpg20130807-145041.jpg


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