Another National Arts Festival

At last my journey has begun. A few months of reflection and planning have finally transformed into an adventure, and so far it has been wonderfully wild. While i gather my thoughts and organise my photographs from Tanzania, let me share some pictures from the few days I spent at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown before I left.

I’ve been very privileged to attend almost every NAF for the last 20 or so years, having grown up in Grahamstown. You might think this kind of ease of access would breed contempt, but I can’t think of a year when I didn’t thoroughly look forward to and enjoy the festival. This year I was only around for a few days, but I still managed to see some fantastic shows, musical performances and art. Somehow, though, the most precious experiences are the ones that aren’t planned: the little busker that can only play two notes; the local field band you stumble upon on your way to an exhibition; or the tiny dancer that doesn’t realise that anybody’s watching. You may also notice that I have developed a subtle obsession with children.













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