Roadside Roosterkoek

On the N2 between Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth, there is a well known farm stall called Nanaga. Since I can remember, it’s been a family treat to stop off there for padkos on the way to Port Elizabeth. Not much has changed there.

The farm stall itself, however, certainly has changed. I remember a much smaller Nanaga, on the other side of the highway, selling, almost exclusively, farm produce. But its history goes back almost 50 years, when Lynn Lake started selling cabbages out of her car boot on the side of the N2.

Lynn hailed from Johannesburg, and had moved to the Eastern Cape on marrying a local farmer. Her little roadside entrepreneurial endeavor attracted many passers by that soon she had to ask her husband to build her a small stall so that she could expand her business. The stall quickly became known for its fresh pineapple juice, pies and roosterkoek.

The farm stall has remained in the family, and is now run by Lynn’s eldest daughter and her husband. The range of goods in the stall is now much expanded, but the farm produce remains just as delicious. And of course, they still make their famous pineapple juice, pies and roosterkoek.

Everyone has their favourite Nanaga treat. For my mum it’s the roosterkoek with apricot jam; for my brother, the pies and the fudge; I love the Bushman’s River Mud Pies; and for my dad it’s ‘the best lemon meringue in the country’! I don’t know many people who can drive past Nanaga without stopping off for a treat. Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find something delicious for your journey onward.

IMG_0497_1Nanaga, by These Walking BootsNanaga, by These Walking BootsIMG_0500_2IMG_0507_1Nanaga, by These Walking BootsIMG_0510


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