i exist

Just before leaving my job, I discovered that one of my colleagues, Aalia, has a secret life. After hours, she’s been quietly working away at an amazing initiative called i exist. This is a really cool project. How it works is that emerging photographers and artists submit pieces that express why they exist to one of the drop off points around Johannesburg; the artwork is exhibited at an i exist exhibition at the Maboneng Precinct, and sold. The proceeds go to charities that promote sustainable educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth; the artist gets exposure; and somebody gets a great piece of original art. Everybody wins!
It’s a super cool idea, and as someone who dabbles in photography, I know how hard it is to think about transcending the realm of whippersnapper and to really start thinking of yourself as an artist. In fact, I’m in the process of choosing one of my own pictures to submit to the next exhibition. Watch this space…
Check out the very cool i exist website for more information about submissions and exhibitions, or just to read more about this innovative initiative.
The i exist team
“I exist to be heard” – Aalia Cassim
“I exist to light the way” – Adam Deane
“I exist to be amazed” – Sabeeha Jhetam

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