Recipe for a Red Hot Concert

Soccer City – Diepkloof

  1. To prepare, light fire, throw on some meat, crack open some beers, put on some tunes. 
  2. Leave to simmer for a few hours.
  3. Then take one bus, fill it with 20 awesome people; add some more beers.
  4. Send the bus to Soccer City; fill the stadium with people who’re ready to rock.
  5. Make sure you leave some time to deal with any frightfully disorganised and illogical venue officials who can’t control a crowd.
  6. If necessary, allow the people to relieve themselves, and refill with fresh beers before going downstairs into the stadium.
  7. Find a sweet spot in the crowd; stick together; protect your territory; get psyched.
  8. Season to taste with some Red Hot Chili Peppers! 

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