Summer in the Sun

So, I realise this post has little to do with my Bucket List, but here’s a tiny window into my summer holiday.

Kleinemonde, Eastern Cape

My family has been holidaying in this little seaside spot for several years now, and it’s really crept into my heart. It’s a precious thing to be able to go back to a magical place year after year. You begin to feel like you know the rocks and the trees; and when the sand dunes shift and the estuaries open, it’s like you need to catch up on each other’s news.

I love reuniting with holiday friends around a blazing bonfire on the beach, sipping slightly warm beer out of a sandy bottle until the sun comes up. Every year, everyone gets a little older, and every year, a little closer.


2 thoughts on “Summer in the Sun

  1. Laura

    Hi Emily. Thank you. No, I'm actually originally from a small little town in the Eastern Cape province called Grahamstown. I moved to Joburg for work. Thanks for checking out my blog! Stay in touch. -L


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