Anthony’s Golden Cup, Cape Town

On a photo-taking expedition with a friend, I discovered Anthony’s Golden Cup, an unsuspecting coffee shop on Loop Street in Cape Town. If you’re a fan of good coffee, but tired of the overpriced pretense of some of Cape Town’s famed coffee spots; Anthony is your guy. I spent some weeks contemplating whether or not to blog about this little gem, given that it is this kind of act that sends little corner cafes to the dark side. So here’s my request: try it out; take a friend, but don’t tell everyone you know. Let’s keep this our little secret.

Anthony prides himself in having worked with coffee for over 45 years. He told us he had worked in a coffee factory many years ago, before moving on to open his own coffee shop. One might not expect it from a little dark-horse cafe such as this, but his experience certainly comes through in the coffee itself, which quietly and humbly challenges the likes of Cape Town’s best. There is an overwhelming variety of coffee to choose from, with origins all across Africa and South America and blends such as French Vanilla, English Toffee, Hazelnut and even Amarula, to mention but a few. The beans are ground in front of your eyes and your chosen coffee lovingly brewed by the friendly Anthony himself, who if you ask, will happily tell you his heartwarming story. The interior of this special place speaks simultaneously to its owner’s humble disposition and his glowing pride. It’s definitely worth a visit.


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